Where can I married?

A fairytale, urban or beach wedding with the sound of the sea in the background?


The most romantic question of any relationship is followed by numerous questions, since the expected “yes I want” is the starting point for everything that involves preparing a wedding. What dress I wear, what day I am going to immortalize it or where I want it to be celebrated. Therefore, we propose some unusual ideas to inspire you in different places, unique and full of charm.

Photo Serafín Castillo

Jardines de Abril
Jardines de Abril in Alicante is the ideal location if you want the wedding of your dreams to be a true fairy tale. In the middle of the forest, Maria and Mirco got married, and together with the wedding planner Paloma Cruz, they created a warm and beautiful atmosphere in the middle of nature.

Photo Serafín Castillo


Castell De Benviure
This magical place is not only a beautiful house in the middle of the mountains of Barcelona, ​​but it is a place that hides tales of Indians, love, war and exile. The Castell de Ben Viure is the memory of more than seven generations of a family, surrounded by green.

Photo Castell De Benviure
Photo Castell De Benviure


La Estación Industrial
If what you are looking for is an urban style place perfect for an informal wedding. This industrial space located at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama, triumphs in decoration magazines, weddings and events. It was born thanks to some young New York artists, who chose to live spacious and spacious factories full of beams, bricks and concrete.

Photo La Estación Industrial


Palacio de la Arbaisenea

Located in the heart of San Sebastián, this palace is exquisite as a whole. In a quiet area with a park of more than fifteen hectares of landscaped garden, celebrating love in this enclave is the most bucolic.

Photo Artefoto Donosti


El Faro Hotel of San Sebastián

This enclave in the Costa Brava is an oasis of tranquility and well-being where you can enjoy the sound of the waves of the sea and the sunset. Pure Mediterranean environment. A different and exquisite beach ceremony with incomparable views.

Photo El Faro



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