Welcome to the party!

We’re introducing a new collection of wedding dresses and we want to tell you all about the universe behind it… the Jaggers, Studio 54, glitter and a hero of music that portrayed a lightning across his face…Welcome to the party!


For this season’s collection the designer of the house, Carolina Otaduy, has reached far into the world of the 70’s, the endless parties in Studio 54, the music, the stars, the glam and of course, the big apple. On top of this, she has named every dress by a woman that has left her mark on history, among them, Marie Curie, Janis Joplin and Frida Kahlo.


For this collection, we chose the perfect setting for a very special photo shoot: Barcelona’s concert hall La Paloma. Closed to the public for seven years now, we were lucky enough to be able to use this legendary hall, which brings back so many great memories for all of us, for a super glam-rock shooting that is perfectly in tune with thedesigns.Forthebeautifulcampaign photographs and video we where lucky to collaborate with a bunch of professionals and friends:

Pictures: Días de Vino y Rosas
Hair and make up: SergioEsche
Video: Itziar Obergozo
Stylism: SylviaBonet
Models: Sofía Farré and Laura Tollesson


Beware of the blog, we’ll be posting the story behind each dress!


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