London Bride & Otaduy


The past Friday September 17th we had the opportunity to do an event in our London store located in  Candem with Charlie Beard, wedding planner and blogger of London Bride. The event was a huge success, we couldn’t be more happy about it and less surprised, as we had a bunch of professionals reunited in our London store, which is by the way a huge deal to Carolina, our designer, as London has always been the center of music and as you know, Otaduy nutres on music among other arts. We couldn’t expect less of such admirable professionals. As I was saying, together Charlie Beard and our teem, manage to arrange a get together with brides and professionals, we had it all; catering, wine, makeup, lightning, flowers, etc. At the end of the post you’ll find the link for everyone’s web page, I hope you have the opportunity to check everyone out, i’ve loved their work so much! 

Today’s post will be a more visual post (instead of having me babble for long time), so I leave you all with the beautiful pictures Cinzia Bruschini took at the event. 



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