New Opening in Valencia

Otaduy, the most indie wedding dress brand of the moment, loves constant work, dedication and that this is reflected in growth with lots of love. Without hurry but without pause, the brand keeps taking steps towards ahead day by day. After consolidating two stores in Madrid and Barcelona, the moment to open a third one has finally arrived, and it could not be anywhere else than … Valencia!The city of arts and sciences becomes, well, Otaduy’s focal point for its imminent growth.

But … what makes this city so special?

Its Mediterranean climate

… Its mild temperature and 300 sunny days per year is inviting you to love to stay in this coastal city as long as possible. Above all a delicious meal in a pleasant terrace is always a good company.

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Its countless unusual corners

… Its countless unusual corners make the capital of the Turia culturally interesting. The Opera, the Museum of Science, the Cathedral, the buildings of Santiago Calatravaetc. Undoubtedly, a city where you can get lost and not to be found.

Its gastronomy

… It is said that until you’ve had Valencian Paella in the very city where it was invented, you really haven’t had paella. And rice is one of the main regional products, also used in a variety of typical dishes such as arroz a banda. And how could we forget to mention an esmorzaret accompanied by horchata and a yummy fartón? Yes, we know … right now your stomach is asking you to replan this trip, right?

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Otaduy, totally in love with this great city, is opening a new store designed by Bárbara Aurell (Espacio en Blanco) in Ruzafa, the fashionable neighborhood. Bookshop cafe, terraces for vermouth and charming shops to which is impossible to say no for a visit. Ours, a great reflection of the essence of Otaduy and all its inspirational universe. We will be waiting for you on January 20th in Carlos Cervera, 13. The whole otaduy team is so ready to spread love in a new city ! What about you?

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