In uncertain moments, words to guide


Open Heart Letter


Dear #LoveWarrior,

This Post is not only for you, but also for the person who is on board with you in this ship called quarantine. We know that it’s not a comfortable trip and that the waves surprise us every day, causing us an uncomfortable feeling of instability. That’s right, and it’s good that we recognize it. From this space, we can embrace acceptance and begin to feel calm.

As we always tell you, you are a #warrior of love, but who said that warriors couldn’t afford moments of sadness, fear, or uncertainty? Perhaps one day you’ll find yourself at the peak of the wave, and you’ll experience fear, and after hours you’ll see yourself swimming in a calm sea, and without knowing how, when night falls, the waves return and you feel again puzzled.

It’s normal and you are not alone. You are not because next to you, you have the person with whom, when it will all be over, you’ll say the ‘Yes, I want’, more powerful than you could have imagined. Three words that will vibrate from the heart.

We also want to be by your side. We have been at home for a month now, in which we have had to make very important decisions, looking for options and solutions so that you can have your dress when this situation allows it and when you decide that it’s the best time. We are 100% with you and we want you to know what we have been doing.


1) Due to health recommendations and measures implemented by the government, our ateliers are temporarily closed. Our dresses are fully custom made and customizable. Each dress is unique, and for this reason, it’s very important to be able to receive you in our ateliers. Until possible, our priority is to protect you and our team.

2) We’ll assist you, as many times as you need by phone – we have diverted the phones of our workshops -, by WhatsApp at (+34) 678.067.880 and through our social networks.

3) If you have visited any of our ateliers. We continue to get in touch with each one of you. It’s important for us to know that, luckily, there are many of us who are part of our universe, and for this reason, we are contacting you taking into account the proximity of your wedding. But we remember each and every one of you, and take it easy, that we’ll get in touch with all of them.

4) All our points of sale are having an exemplary attitude. Get in touch with your point of sale, to solve all your doubts. They will also be able to advise you. We are in contact, to support each other.


Every wedding is unique, and it’s very important that everything is valued according to your needs and your feelings. Don’t compare yourselves, it’s your love story, now and always. Imperfect, special, different from how you had imagined it, and actually much better. Because in the midst of uncertainty and this forced break, we need the world to keep turning. We need love to continue to shine and keep saying, that it’s certainly the highest vibrating energy.

Now is the time to be united, so that when all this happens, and we return to normality, remember that love is never cancelled.



⚡  All ready to stop being love worriers and start being #lovewarriors ⚡


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