Eloping in the desert

wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_01We love to colaborate with the photographer Pablo Laguia and the wedding planner Paloma Cruz Events. When we work with us we are sure that out dress will shine in the photo shoot.
wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_02wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_03Eloping in the desert is a be beautiful editorial where Nazaret and Leiam elop in the desert. An imposing scene which RockNRoll Bride share with the title Love’s Highway.wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_04The dessert has always been one of your favourite landscapes. We have already done a lot of photo shoots there and.. We always love them!!wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_05wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_06wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_07wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_08wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_09wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_10wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_11wedding_dresses_otaduy_pablo_laguia_12I love love love these photos and the accompanying video. I think you all will too!:

This are all of the photo shoot colaborators:
Photographer – Pablo Laguia 
Planning + design – Paloma Cruz Eventos 
Florist – El jardín del cabo 
Videographer – David Rodriguez 
Ford Mustang – Talleres Virauto – Algorfa 
Make up – Maria Catalá 
Hair – Sagoa 
Female model – Nazaret Gea 
Male model – Leiam Jack 
Wedding gown – Otaduy 
Wedding shoes – Mustang 
Expert on fire – Pyros espectáculos




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