Discover the women behind the camera who inspire us

Innovative, creative and feminist. Women behind the camera who leave their mark


The film industry is still governed mostly by big male names, so sadly, the participation of women in the direction of a film still needs some momentum and greater visibility. This does not imply that there have been no great directors throughout history. In fact, there have been many, such as Alice Guy Blaché, Louis Webber, Agnès Varda or Lucrecia Martel. Innovative filmmakers who have left their mark, but who remain an exception to the rule.

Therefore, the following women who are part of the seventh art are a benchmark within this colossal creative industry. And we want to give them visibility as recognition of their work, which inspires us.


Sofia Coppola

His with the cinema is more than a famous surname, and today is one of the most recognized filmmakers nominated for Oscar. The mythical film of the Suicide Virgins (1999) was his acclaimed debut, where she illustrates her ability to tell stories from an entirely female perspective, and Lost in Translation (2003), is considered a cult film, among many others such as The Seduction ( 2017).

We cannot wait to see his next creation On the Rocks, an indispensable premiere for next year 2020.

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Phoebe Waller – Bridge

If the name of this British actress, director and screenwriter still does not sound to you, it is very likely that if she does her latest project for Amazon: Fleabag (2016 – 2019). The most awarded comic series this year at the Emmy Awards, and which everyone talks about.

Broadchurch (2015), Crashing (2016) or Killing Eve (2018), are some of his other acclaimed productions.

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Carla Simon

This director is responsible for one of the best Spanish films of 2017, Verano del 1993. This film is not only her first opera, but also a portrait of her own life, narrated with a sensitivity and mastery that puts goosebumps. It swept the Berlinale and the Malaga Festival.

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Greta Gerwing

Gerwig is an American actress, playwright, screenwriter and director. Currently, the new version of Little Women (2019) is being finished, which we will finally be able to see this December, with an unmatched cast. As director, her debut was Ladybird (2017), a critically acclaimed dramatic comedy.

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Isabel Coixet

How could it be otherwise, in this TOP5 could not miss the most recognized Spanish director. Director and writer, Isabel Coixet is the author of La vida secreta de las palabras (2005), Mi vida sin mí (2003) and Cosas que nunca te dije (1996), among others.

Jury member of the 59th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2009, and also a feminist woman.


“I’m comfortable with the word ‘feminist’ because half the world isn’t getting what it deserves. Women blame themselves for everything that is wrong, and men never do that. We have to stop blaming ourselves for what we don’t have and start asking for what we deserve. ”

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