Become a Lovewarrior

Love did not create war, therefore the only way to fight war is with nothing else but love.

We must encourage ourselves and believe in our infinite power. We’re flowing water in a glacier and the ice that doesn’t melt in the heated desert. We’re the silence in the crowd and the melody in the saddened quiet.

We are love warriors.

We believe in love as we believe in ourselves. We see love as we see ourselves: wild creatures spreading their wings to draw words of freedom in the stars, so that when life blurs we can still see the world shining. We are dancers in the thunderstorm, wanting to feel drops of love and hope fall, plunge, touch the ground and sink into the earth to grow again as flowers.

Are you ready? -the soft voice whispers-.

I am ready. I’ve always been. -I think to myself-. But today I’m more than ever a love warrior. With my white dress as a love armor and my heart as the only weapon I carry.

I am ready. All ready to stop being a love worrier and start being a love warrior.


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