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From London

Age: 28

Career: Freelance Fashion Brand Manager

At Otaduy we believe that all love stories are unique and that love doesn’t know about rules. Since the brand began in 2011, our loveliest challenge has been to be able to adjust ourselves to all the love stories that have been coming to our atelier. Wonderful stories full of love and truth. We always aim to accompany all our brides-to-be during their search and help them find the wedding dress that expresses their personality and makes them feel beautiful, powerful and above all, themselves. All these brides are beautiful women with personality and style who are eager to celebrate their love in their own way.

Today we’re meeting Ana Gárate, who has taught us that sometimes “first love” can be the final one. Through her we’ve remembered those first butterflies in the stomach, the first kiss, that first walk holding hands…all the first things you do when love arrives in its purest and most naive way. Sometimes it feels like two lovers are connected through an invisible wire, aimed to be together.

Tell us about your love story: 

12 years old boy meets 11 years old girl and they remain in the same friends group until one day, with 15 years old and 16, they become best friends. Best friends that spend endless hours talking, best friends that share their deepest secrets, dreams and jokes. And right then, they start sharing everything until one day (4th December of 2005) they decide to have a date to talk about “what we were”.

Ah, I remember those previous feelings! We decided to go to the cinema and afterwards talk about our feelings. So there we were, being super serious (funny how serious we looked) and talking about “trying it”. Twelve years later we decided to get married after growing up together and discovering the world together…everything happened very fast and slow at the same time…from school to uni and from uni to London.

We didn’t know that we would reach marriage together, and we never planned any of this -we still don’t do it-. We shared life values and the way we travel through life, but besides that we’re just each other’s opposite. Dimitri is this racional finance guy and I’m pure creativity and passion!  Over the years we have created a common path, hobbies, routines, dreams and a home where we live together with our pug Bobo, and where we spend our time being ourselves, talking about life, loving each other, playing Scrable or just watching a movie or series with a cup of tea. We love to go on unplanned roadtrips, sing songs at the top of our lungs, read in parks, walk in the rain (well, this is something he doesn’t like), leave London to come back later, daydream together…

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We never talked about getting married until Dimitri proposed it to me for our 10th anniversary. Under a blanket of stars in Cornwall, daydreaming as we usually do, he asked me. We understand marriage as another step on the road. Getting married was just an excuse to show our love to everyone we miss because they are far from us.

On June the 24th our brothers married us, some friends read, we made our vows and made everyone part of the “Poh claro” (yes, I do). Seeing the eighty people you love the most, happy and emotionally crying because after twelve years together we were finally getting married, is priceless. It was a super special wedding. The note to remember forever was “I’ve felt part of it, you should get married every year!”. And that’s what we wanted, we wanted to give to each one of them a THANK YOU moment.

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With what Otaduy values do you identify yourself? 

Modernity, that special touch, that creative point that all Otaduy wedding dresses have. The aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. And above all, the fact that each garment has the name of a great artist, that one of the collections has the names of great women who inspire for everything they did and achieved in their lives. The strength of the dresses and the very cool roll that each of them gives off. Once you enter one of the ateliers, you want to be part of this family forever.

And the story will continue, hopefully, with more pugs at home, more trips out of nothing, more African choirs and much much much love.

And before this conversations comes to its end, why Otaduy? 

I knew the brand even before Dimitri proposed me. I was very clear in my selection of designers that Otaduy was the first one I wanted to see. It has that “I don’t know what” of modernity and uniqueness that I wanted in my dress. I wanted something that inspired me and Otaduy’s universe is a truly inspiring one. Otaduy is the ideal brand for any modern girl who wants to escape from the traditional and wants to enjoy her great day.

Photo credits: @saraloblaphotographer

Wedding planner: @siterequetequiero


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