Alternative jewelry artists who are trending

How many times have you listened that the perfect accessory makes the difference?

Bright, opaque, extravagant or conceptual, a jewel can be much more than a simple decorative piece. It can be symbolic and even an amulet full of meaning, whatever your style it be. For this reason, the wedding day is even more sense to choose the perfect jewels to complement your style, differentiate yourself and fill it with light.


If you like to be aware of all the trends of the moment, you should keep in mind that, more and more, the gap between generations is more significant, and this leads millennial brides to look for alternatives that run away from conventions for the day of their wedding. Therefore, and far from a diamond in Tiffany’s, with forgiveness from Audrey Hepburn, we propose 4 independent jewelry firms that are love at first sight.

Photo Pablo Laguia


Pia Amat
The bohemian style of Pia’s handmade jewels is characterized by organic and irregular textures, inspired by nature, sacred ethnic jewelry, Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics and Catalan and French art noveau. Pia use high quality semiprecious stones from fair trade whenever possible, silver and gold by casting.

Photo Pia Amat


Cristina Junquero
The Barcelona artist reinterprets classic pieces of traditional jewelry and turns them into art. His unique pieces, based on the Andalusian religious imaginary, are subjected to criticism to express a totally new and demystified discourse. “The order, the mathematics and the everyday”, its new collection, is full of pieces even more groundbreaking than previous collections, and they express concepts about the art of their work, to which the creative craftswoman has arrived in an organic way.

Photo Cristina Junquero


Founded by actress Barbara Goenaga, her jewels are inspired by art, nature and geometric shapes. His designs are light and modern, so versatile that they serve both for day to day and special occasions. With the motto of “less is more”, they create designer and quality jewels that are for a lifetime.

Photo Pablo Laguia


Après Ski
It is a study of accessories and objects in the city of Barcelona. The designs of their jewels, and also of their other unique and artistic pieces, are born from the observation of different cultures and traditions, seeking authenticity of people and places through books and travel.

Photo David Urbano


We hope we have discovered great creative artists capable of making jewelry full of magic, which will always accompany you in a special and symbolic but, above all, personal way.

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