Alternative invitations for your wedding day

Eco and sustainable proposals that will surprise your closest ones


The wedding invitation is the cover letter of what will be your ceremony. So it is not a simple detail. Also, if something defines the most recurring trends in recent years, it is personalization. So if the goal is to surprise, pay attention to the following proposals that move away from the more traditional options.

Flowering invitations
Plainable paper seems to us the best of ideas as an original and sustainable wedding invitation, considering that our work ethic is slow and respectful of the environment. The secret is that the raw material of the invitation is composed of a mixture of seeds and paper that, with care, love and once planted, will end up blooming.

Invitation that tells a story
The digital era has opened new methods and channels to create and send invitations. In addition, audiovisual formats that favor the non-use of paper and are cheaper. A video of you in a bucolic or urban setting, in your home or simply with a graphic or animated message. The options are wide and the imagination has no limits.

PDF graphic invitation
Following the flow, another of the simple and digital alternatives is an invitation developed by a graphic designer. In PDF format as if it were a flyer, sending and tracking guests will be a piece of cake. Which aesthetic you like more is a matter of taste and personal style.

Handwritten invitation
Finally, a handmade invitation, with an impure calligraphy and ink is a classic and traditional option that is no longer styled. Simple, unpolluted and where elegance prevails. Returning to the artisanal, caring and romantic aesthetics is no longer an obsolete option as we think.

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