A unique touch to your wedding shoes

In Otaduy, we respect the tradition, but we also like daring brides, those that stay true to themselves no matter what and have a unique personality. Today, we have an interesting idea that we think you will love: how to personalize your wedding shoes. We give you 5 tips to turn your bridal shoes into a perfect and unique accessory for the Big Day.

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What will give a unique touch to your bridal shoes is asking your dearest people to write you a special message on the sole. This could be a wish to your new family and a new stage in your life, or simply their name and the date of your wedding.

It is a new trend in the United States that to us seems very fresh and bold, but also very romantic.


1. The most important thing: the choice of shoes 

As we like to say at Otaduy, it is as important to choose the right dress as it is to choose accessories. Perhaps, the most important of which is to choose the shoes. They will accompany you on one of the most important days of your life and it is important that they meet the key requirements: comfort and style.

The Jimmy Choo Barcelona staff told us that many of the brides know what shoes they will wear on their wedding before they chose the dress. It’s a fact: shoes are officially the most important wedding accessory!


2. Convert that ‘something blue’ and ‘new’ into shoes

Between thousands tasks of organizing a wedding, there is also the traditional act of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. The choice of those precious objects can be difficult, so why not make it simple by wearing a pair of great new blue shoes? Think about Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolo Blahnik shoes. Now what’s left is to turn them into something unique and special.

Otaduy Bridal Shoes
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3. Who do you want to be with you on that day?

Choosing who you want to write a message can be complicated, because everyone is special. But the best thing is that it happens naturally, if you close your eyes, you will see who is more important. The people who accompany you along the way, who support you in those moments of stress, or the person you are going to marry …

The BFF: Your best friend, your sisters from another mother or all of them! It can be their names, initials or a small dedication of love, a crazy memory …

Your family: A message from your parents or your sisters and brothers can make you cry when you see it after.

Your future husband: He also has a lot to say!


3. A message

As well love dedications or names it can be written other types of messages. For example, write the wedding date, the name of your favorite song, a wish, a phrase that reminds you of something special, a secret word that only the two of you know. The options are endless!

4. How and when?

You have many options and it will depend on you. You can do it the same day or take the shoes to a place that specializes in engraving on leather. On Pinterest you have thousands of ideas: a pen, colored markers, messages on a sticker, engravings with color … What do you prefer?

5. Write it yourself!

Not only the brides shoes can be customized.  Dare to write a message on the shoes of your loved ones and surprise them. You also have a lot to say. We are sure your words will be as excited and emotional as you are!


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