3 tips to take care of your hair before your wedding

The wedding season starts and with it the latest beauty routines to look even more beautiful.

Many of you go might be going straight to the beach -or to any lounger- after work to catch the last rays of sun and highlight the white of your wedding dresses with a better tan. But are we taking care of our hair? We often just think about the type of hair we want to wear and we forget that taking care of our hair before the wedding day is as important as finding the style of hairstyle for a bride.

Today we want to share with you three basic hair tips to get the best out of our hair:

1. Understand your hair

The first thing you should do is to pay attention to the type of hair you have in order to apply the most appropriate treatment. We recommend having an appointment with a hair artist in your city to make a good diagnosis. A dyed hair will not require the same care as a textured or oily hair.

peinados para boda

2. Protect
Rising temperatures, humidity and a greater sun exposure end up breaking and frizzing our hair.

– Try to protect your hair to the maximum by applying on it conditioners with sunscreen.
– No split-ends! Avoid applying shampoo on the tips and focus only on the scalp.
– Change the brush for a wide-bodied comb of organic wood.
– Try dry shampooing.
– Get a subte hair cut before and after summer.

peinados para boda

3. Hydrate

During summer, remove all products with high alcohol content and change them by serums, aftersun repair products and oils that offer deep hydration to your hair fibers.


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